What to Bring

Here are a few items listed below that will prepare you for your trip and make your experience as enjoyable as possible. These items are simply suggestions, please talk with your Captain prior to your trip for any other suggestions or to inform him of any special needs that you may have.

– A valid PA Fishing License with a Lake Erie Combo Stamp is required for all guests over 16 years old. Licenses can be purchased online, at any Walmart, or fishing retailer.

– Camera or phone to take photos of your TROPHY catch so you can brag to your friends, family, and strangers. We will also have a camera to document the day.

– Jackets or raingear are nice items to stash away in a backpack or duffel bag for your trip. Although the boat has a cabin and hardtop (roof), you will be out in the elements while setting lines and reeling in fish as you fill the cooler with your catch. It is important to monitor the weather for the day of your trip and plan accordingly

– Lunch and drinks are highly recommended during your trip. We have a cooler and ice to keep for food cold. ALCOHOL is NOT allowed, for the safety of everyone. Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated as it often gets very hot during the summer months.

– A cooler (left in your car during your trip) to take home your catch is recommended. If you chose to have your fish cleaned, we recommend Poor Richards Bait Shop. They will fillet your catch and you can trade your fillets pound for pound for smoked fillets.

– Seasickness medication such as Dramamine and Bonine are available over the counter at most drug stores. Seasickness is nothing to be embarrassed about, but it can spoil your trip and the trip of others. Medication works best when taken the night before and the morning of your charter and should be taken as a precaution if you are not sure.

Tight Lines Apparel

Purchase a PA Fishing License
Don’t forget a Lake Erie Permit!